About Us

Uday Sodhiya


Some people choose there career and for few there career chooses them. Later happened with me and it happened the day when i used my dads Pantex k1000 and that’s how my journey behind the camera started and the passion increased with every step and turn, my life took with every piece of equipment got, just like at the age of 9 when my neighbor Mrs Lalita gifted me an old projector with some black and white reels, when I first set up my first ever projector I could only see some blurry lights. I got so fascinated to make it work sharp. Few efforts made that enthusiastic kid turn the focus ring on. I was mesmerized when I saw the first screen on my white wall in dark room. I used to pause and admire the effort how every scene was shot and how it was created and from that moment, †his is it, I got the concept of capturing and projecting, but never knew my love for movie making will bring me here. I knew that every person has a different view the way they look at life and art for me; it became both, as a filmmaker, Whether its a music video, documentary, a short film or a wedding because every video contains those priceless emotions and memory and more importantly its my driving force…for me this is not a job, this is what I breathe and live on regardless of the medium.

I know when you love my work and admire it then you will remember me. I more then money sounds cliché but for us its an art….whenever you go out and plan a shoot be it the music video, wedding or any other shoot, there’s a lot of effort and time invested in scouting for location, makeup, jewelry the venue, the dress the food but there’s only one medium to capture all those efforts and emotions behind them and I can assure you with us you wont be disappointed because for the simple reason that if my work can bring a smile on your face my work is done.

Today when I look at every work I have done I feel I could have done better and It motivates me more and more because deep down I know that it’s not the end yet, “ KYUKI PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST”